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Aviator provides Aviation Services to meet all your support service needs, from Passenger and Baggage Handling through De-icing, Cargo and full Freight Handling to Station Services, including Airport Security and the Nordic Dino Aircraft Washing Robot. Our flexible and cost effective solutions can meet the highly varied support service needs of five-star airlines, low-cost airlines and cargo airlines at 23 stations in UK and across the Nordic region.

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Aviator is a supplier of aviation services, taking care of passengers and equipment at 23 airports from Helsinki to London-Gatwick. With our flexible solutions we can meet the highly varied support service needs of five-star airlines and low-cost airlines alike.

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A Customer focussed world class supplier of Aviation Services

Delivering quality Aviation Services across the UK and throughout the Nordic region

 Flexible and cost effective support service solutions

 Comprehensive range of Aviation Services to meet the needs of a Comprehensive range of Customers

 A passion for efficiency, safety and innovation

What our customers say

We are eager to work with Aviator on the most effective organisation with a high customer appreciation, customer preference and operational performance.
Mr. Michael Van Moorst, Chief Negotiator of AFKL
After a thorough evaluation of handling alternatives at HEL we are pleased we reached an agreement with Aviator which have been a process of professionalism and ways to find a mutual good cooperation for the future. Both management as well as staff attitude has given us confidence we have made a good choice.
We are confident we will have a supplier who will meet or even exceed our expectations when it comes to quality and service and we look forward to a successful cooperation
Mr. Tomas Holm, Director Regional Stations, SAS Group Ground Handling International
We trust in the expertise, operational flexibility and excellent customer service provided to Ryanair Aviator in Oslo Rygge. We have established a good partnership and are looking forward to future cooperation in other airports.
Mr. Adrian Dunne, Deputy Director Ground Operations - Ryanair
It’s a great honour to work with Aviator as the company represents top quality which coincides with our airline values. The management showed professionalism, motivation and commitment throughout the negotiations.
Mr. Marcus East, Purchasing Manager Fuel and Ground Operations - Germania Airlines
Over the years Aviator have proven themselves not to be just an ordinary provider, they are a real partner!.
Mr. Gunnar Lenman, VP Ground Operations - Malmö Aviation
Aviator has a proven capability and good reputation at Birmingham airport, providing a seamless transition to Monarch between suppliers. We understand that ground handling has an important impact on our customers’ experiences and Aviator’s ‘service that moves you’ philosophy mirrors our own commitment to customer service..
Mr. Will Barton, Head Of Ground Operations - Monarch
The high-quality handling of operations in Stockholm-Arlanda enables us to expand our cooperation with Aviator both in Norway and in Sweden. The Aviator Group is committed to providing and maintaining high-quality service, safety and on-time performance for DHL Express. Ramp handling is one of our main focus areas and an important part of our business processes to ensure excellent service for our DHL Express customers
Mr. Christian Bergfelder, Director Network Airside DHL – Europe