On December 1st Aviator Denmark has together with Emirates received and sent off the largest passenger aircraft in the world, the Airbus A380. This day marks the startup for a daily route between Copenhagen and Dubai, operated by Emirates, and handled in CPH by Aviator. CPH have extended the landing field in order for the large aircraft to land and take off safely with no damage to the motors. There has been a massive interest from the press and the Aviation business in general about this coming flight. During the ground time, Emriates and CPH hosted a reception at gate C39, with speakers from CPH, Emirates and the Danish Government. All presenting this new operation as an important step for CPH as an international hub, with ambition and potential for business growth.

Everything went extremely well with both loading and passenger handling. “We have prepared for the operation for months, so it was extremely exiting to go live and face the challenges in a goaloriented way all the way around”, says Ole Brinks Andersen, Managing Director of Aviator Denmark. “For our staff we would like to direct a big thank you and praise each and every one involved in the turnaround, for their dedication to safety and quality for the customer”.

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