Aviator posts significant developments in the Nordic market post-crisis

As a full-range provider of aviation services at 15 airports across the Nordic region while having the full support of Avia Solutions Group PLC as the sole shareholder, Aviator Airport Alliance AB has posted significant development and activity in contract extensions and renewals with prominent Nordic airports and international airlines and as the aviation industry transitions into a post-crisis period.

For the month of July, Aviator announced successful agreement extensions with Norwegian to provide ground handling services for the airline until March 2024 at 10 stations in Norway and additionally in Stockholm-Arlanda and Malmo in Sweden. Previously, the company had successfully signed ground handling agreements with Scandanavian Airlines for the next 5 years at Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg and Malmo Airport, starting from 1 September 2020. Furthermore, Aviator secured agreements to service SAS stations in Tromso, Bergen and Kristiansand from February 2021 and Bardufoss, all in the coming 5-year period.

Jo Alex Tanem, the CEO of Aviator, expanded on these developments saying, “The results from our Norwegian and Swedish Aviator teams have been outstanding, their effort to secure our partnerships with SAS at 8 airports in the Nordics and extended contracts with Norwegian at 12 airports has bolstered our clients‘ faith in us as a long term provider and cemented our position in the Nordics going forward. Our new owner, Avia Solutions Group, has also played a significant role in our recent positive development, by making our partners confident that we have substantial support and a strong financial background in the years to come. These developments will allow us to focus on further expansion and introduce further services to our region.”

In addition, Aviator‘s development encompasses a successfully […]

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Avia Solutions Group acquires Aviator from Accent Equity

On the 17th of February 2020, Avia Solutions Group (ASG), a global multipurpose aviation services company, signed an agreement to acquire Aviator, a full-range aviation services provider for the Nordic region, from the investment fund Accent Equity 2008 L.P.

Offering flexible and cost-effective solutions that meet the demand for high-quality support services of a wide range of airlines, Aviator is a valuable addition to Avia Solution Group’s portfolio. “As the newest member of the ASG family, Aviator will further strengthen our presence in the European markets and expand the network of Avia Solution Group’s ground handling stations. This acquisition adds further scale and value to ASG’s aggregated ground handling business, now consisting of Aviator and Baltic Ground Services (BGS) “, says Gediminas Ziemelis, Chairman of the Board of Avia Solutions Group.

Upside earnings opportunities for the group will be realised through the provision of additional services, such as fuelling and line maintenance, at Aviator’s stations as well as through synergies in purchasing of ground handling equipment and the use of proprietary operations management software. Aviator’s long-standing customer relationships with key airlines will also benefit other Avia Solutions Group’s business units.

“We are very pleased that Aviator is now a member of Avia Solutions Group and we look forward to strengthening our position together with such a strong industry player. Aviator will undoubtedly gain advantage both from the experienced Group’s management and subsidiary companies”, says Jo Alex Tanem, CEO of Aviator.

“Having developed Aviator from a group of entrepreneurial, local ground handlers into the leading Nordic professional player it is today, it is highly satisfying to be able to find a stable, industrial home for the group. We believe ASG, along with Aviator management, have ample opportunities […]

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Aviator announces new brand partnership with Carlsberg Denmark

Aviator announces new brand partnership with Carlsberg Denmark; New Carlsberg Aviator lounge opened at Copenhagen Airport based on the concept, “beer, love and hoppiness.”

The new Carlsberg Aviator Lounge opened at Copenhagen Airport. Instead of just servicing business-class travelers, the new Carlsberg Aviator Lounge is open to everyone and developed in line with Carlsberg’s mindset to provide the best beer-experience possible.

“Today, it is no longer enough to service business-class travelers. Many other travelers want to sit comfortably and enjoy good food and drink before traveling. Therefore, everyone must be welcome in the new Carlsberg Aviator Lounge. At the same time we wanted a lounge created in line with Carlsberg’s mindset to constantly do better and be more sustainable” – Lars Wrist-Elkjær, Managing Director of Aviator Denmark.

In addition to the gastronomic and architectural experience the lounge also offers innovation, namely the furniture, which has been developed based on Carlsberg’s journey towards sustainability and its desire to do better for the environment. The chairs are created in recyclable plastic material and the tables are made of recycled material from Carlsberg’s beer kegs.

The lounge entrance is 155DKK and lounge tickets can be purchased in advance on Aviator Relaxiums website:

To read the full press release click here.

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Aviator MAN Gender Pay Gap Report

As a responsible and proactive employer who operate in a competitive and challenging environment, we are committed to continue enhancing our recruitment and retention processes and benefits package. To attract and retain more female candidates across the business at all levels.

For any business on a journey of change of this nature we would not expect to see overnight improvement but in issuing this report we have taken the first step in bringing change.

Click here to read the actual report.

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Aviator growing and entering a new era.

Aviator have gone through a major restructure the past two years, we have taken a giant leap and are gearing up in following our strategy in growing our business. We have succeeded in creating a solid platform operationally, financially and commercially, and are looking at expanding into new stations, new areas and growing our existing business.

We have recently increased our presence and platform in CPH by winning the Lufthansa Group. This signing, along with several extended partnerships with both our Danish companies, create sustainable organisations and service delivery in Denmark.
In Sweden, we won Eurowings and LOT in GOT and ARN, BRA in GOT and MMX, we have extended with Widerøe, UPS and TNT, and we’re looking at several further expansions.
For the UK, we started our partnership with Etihad in MAN two weeks ago and have a significant expansion plan going forward.
In Finland, we recently won Ukraine International and Aegean. We’re soon starting up with Juneyao and Tibet Airlines, and are very proud to be their launch partner in Europe. We have also extended our partnerships with JAL and Fedex.
The past months, we have also further extended our partnership with Wizz Air at seven stations in Norway, along with Logan Air, Titan Air, Air Wings and DHL.

Beside expanding our core ground handling, we are broadening our lounge presence and introducing new lounge concepts, growing our GSE workshops and increasing locations, developing a new generation washing robots and creating new customer concepts with partners.

From February 1st, Aviator Head Office moved to brand new facilities at Office 1 at Arlanda Sky City. Our new base has been fit […]

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Aviator Publishes its First Sustainability Report

Aviator is proud to publish its Sustainability Report covering the year of 2017. The report highlights sustainability approach and activities going on within Aviator. This will be published annually going forward to follow-up on the results from our sustainability focus aspects.

During 2017 we have worked to develop a more structured sustainability work that has been integrated into our strategy. We have chosen to call this sustainability focus for Aviator Cares.
Through a materiality analysis we asked our stakeholders what sustainability issues they believe Aviator should focus on and we now know what specific areas that should be prioritised going forward. To make sustainability part of our day to day business, initiatives are created and integrated with other initiatives driving towards our strategic goals.

“Sustainability is nothing new to us, but the reporting and the structure is. This has been an opportunity to highlight and assess both improvements already in place as well as planned improvements. With this new foundation, we will be able to track and better drive our business to reach our sustainability targets and be part of creating a more sustainable aviation industry.” says Jo Alex Tanem, CEO of Aviator.

Click here to read the actual report.

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The world’s largest exhibition for Aviation Maintenance MRO Americas

The world’s largest exhibition for Aviation Maintenance, MRO Americas, will take place in Orlando, USA 10-12 April. The team from NORDIC DINO will participate and looking forward to meet professionals and customers from the industry.
We would be more than happy to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your current or coming aircraft exterior washing business!

Please contact Pontus Lamberg for more information, or to arrange a meeting, +46 (0)704150047

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Qatar Airways receives 2 new Nordic Dino systems

Nordic Dino has completed the delivery of two aircraft washing robots to Qatar Airways. The purchase consists of the latest model of 777+ and the biggest Nordic Dino 4-380.

Nordic Dino has a long partnership with Qatar Airways, the first system was implemented in Doha already in 2009.

” It’s a honor to deliver Nordic Dinos again to a 5-star premium airline as Qatar Airways. The long relationship and latest delivery is a confirmation that the Nordic Dino improves their business and profitability” – says Pontus Lamberg, Senior Consultant at Nordic Dino.

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​Aviator Finland starts offering Cargo Handling


March 1st 2018 Aviator will expand the functional co-operation with its partner ASR Cargo Center by jointly offering on-airport cargo handling.

Aviator Finland and ASR Cargo Center are both respected as the most reliable and qualified suppliers within the market and the new From concept offers a superior tailor made option for all airlines to get ground- and cargo handling services from one counter.

“By combining the two companies’ core strengths in joint operation we’ll return to the on-airport cargo handling which we used to provide successfully for decades” says Mr Veijo Karosvuo, Managing Director of Aviator Finland.

“Moving to the airport is a dream come true. Straight apron access from our own facility enables us to extend our services from trucked to also flown air cargo handling.” says Mr Jouni Ritola, Chairman of ASR Cargo Center.

For more information please contact:
Veijo Karosvuo
Managing Director
Aviator Finland
+358 40 747 3665

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Nordic Dino announces an electrical version of NORDIC DINO – the aircraft exterior washing robot

At Inter Airport Europe 2017, 10-13 October in Munich, Nordic Dino will release a version of the NORDIC DINO with an electrical driveline and zero emissions.

The electrical NORDIC DINO reduces the carbon footprint and work towards a more sustainable future for aircraft exterior cleaning. Benefits are better and safer working environment and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with reduced maintenance and operating costs.

“We are really proud to launch the new electrical version of the NORDIC DINO as we have seen a growing trend for electrical GSE. For our customers it’s crucial with good return on investment (ROI) and a safer working environment.” – Says Pontus Lamberg- Nordic Dino.

All NORDIC DINO II / 4-380 / 777+ models will be available for order in electrical version. Nordic Dino will also supply upgrade kits and certified NORDIC DINO-mechanic to perform upgrades on-site.

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