Our Commercial Services

Aviator provides Aviation Services to meet all your support service needs, from Passenger and Baggage Handling through De-icing, Cargo and full Freight Handling to Station Services, including Airport Security and the Nordic Dino Aircraft Washing Robot. Our flexible and cost effective solutions can meet the highly varied support service needs of five-star airlines, low-cost airlines and cargo airlines at 15 stations across the Nordic region.

Ground Handling

The time airline passengers spend on the ground before take-off, after landing and in transit is a major part of their overall travel experience, and they expect good, professional service during their entire journey. In the air, you are the experts, meeting your passengers varied needs in flight. On the ground, you can rely on our expertise to take the best possible care of both your passengers and your equipment. Aviator’s full range of ground handling services includes:

  • Ramp Services
  • Passenger Services
  • Load Control
  • Flight Operations and Crew Administration
  • Representation, Administration & Supervision
  • Crew Transportation
  • Ticketing
  • Lounge
Cargo Handling

Airports are used for more than just passenger transport. Cargo volumes are increasing at many Nordic airports, and to help meet the needs of the growing cargo segment, Aviator provides a variety of cargo handling services, including:

  • Freight Handling
  • Mail Handling
  • Freighter Ramp Services
  • Document Handling

Aviator provides aviation services at 15 stations throughout the Nordic region, making us experts at handling the freezing temperatures of the Nordic winter and everything that comes with it. We work hard all winter to keep your aircraft free of ice and safe for take-off. Our de-icing services include:

  • De-icing
  • Anti-icing/preventive de-icing
  • Forced air snow removal
  • Fan Blade Heating
Executive Services
Aviator delivers executive handling services to fit the needs of any operator and executive, utilizing private or corporate jet. Across our 15 stations, our highly professional personnel delivers Service that Moves you, our brand promise at Aviator. Our Executive Services include:

  • General Executive Handling
  • V.I.P Services
  • Crew and Passenger Transport
  • Preparation for Customs and Immigration
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Interior Aircraft Cleaning
  • Exterior Aircraft Cleaning
  • Crew Support & Services

Read more about our Executive Services here.

Other Services

In addition to ground handling, cargo handling and de-icing, Aviator provides many other services that are just as important for a safe and pleasant airport experience. These include:

  • Removal of De-icing Fluid
  • Recycling of De-icing fluid
  • GSE Repair Shop
  • PRM Services
  • Lounge
  • Aviator Academy and Consulting
  • Snow Removal