In order to remain efficient, effective and innovative, we must continually find ways to adapt and improve Aviator to remain an attractive Aviation Services partner in the competitive environment in which we work.

By de-centralising and removing central functions in the new organisation, countries and stations will take more ownership for Aviator and its progress.
These changes are designed to make Aviator an organisation with stronger local ownership and with full financial and operational responsibility to the station manager.

A number of central staff roles have been removed and responsibility for sales and marketing is handed over to the country organisations where each country is taking full responsibility for their own commercial business. A new structure for our customer management with a local designated contact person in each country will be implemented.

Erik Strandgren, Chief Commercial Officer, has decided to leave Aviator in Q1, 2017 after handovers are completed. Catharina Redgård, Business Sector Director, has, after working 23 years for the company, has also decided to leave (early December) for new challenges outside Aviator.

I would like to thank Catharina and Erik for their contribution to our development and wish them all success in the future!
The current sales organisation is valid until end of the year and the new Commercial organisation will be in full effect from January 1, 2017.

Kind regards,
Jo Alex Tanem, CEO Aviator Group