Aviator is proud to publish its Sustainability Report covering the year of 2017. The report highlights sustainability approach and activities going on within Aviator. This will be published annually going forward to follow-up on the results from our sustainability focus aspects.

During 2017 we have worked to develop a more structured sustainability work that has been integrated into our strategy. We have chosen to call this sustainability focus for Aviator Cares.
Through a materiality analysis we asked our stakeholders what sustainability issues they believe Aviator should focus on and we now know what specific areas that should be prioritised going forward. To make sustainability part of our day to day business, initiatives are created and integrated with other initiatives driving towards our strategic goals.

“Sustainability is nothing new to us, but the reporting and the structure is. This has been an opportunity to highlight and assess both improvements already in place as well as planned improvements. With this new foundation, we will be able to track and better drive our business to reach our sustainability targets and be part of creating a more sustainable aviation industry.” says Jo Alex Tanem, CEO of Aviator.

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