Several months ago, Aviator UK disclosed its intention to close its operations in the UK. Since then, Aviator UK secured short term funding to achieve an orderly wind down of the business to ensure that employment was preserved and no disruption to airlines and passengers. Since then we have worked hard with employees, airlines, airports, other suppliers of ground-handing services and unions to achieve these goals. Apart from the continued operation with Aviator Manchester, Aviator UK ceased operations as at midnight 30 November. Business contracts have been transferred to other suppliers and 1,500 of our 1,600 employees (well over 90%) have retained employment, transferring to other suppliers under TUPE arrangements. These employees are primarily front-line staff supplying ground-handing services. We regret that about 100 employees have been made redundant, primarily in central office functions. It has taken a huge amount of work and cooperation by all stakeholders to reach this point and we would like to thank all those involved for their patience, understanding and confidence that the two core goals – preservation of employment and continuity of service – could be achieved.

Kind Regards
Jo Alex Tanem, CEO Aviator Group